Librarians Served Disabled Students in Jinan Special Education School


  On the morning of September 21st, librarians from circulation department went to Jinan Special Education School to a give a voluntary service for disabled students. 

  A book sharing meeting was hold in students reading classroom. In that meeting, librarians recommended three books namedThe Old Man and the Sea》《Prose works of Wang Zengqi》《1587a year of no significancerespectively, and shared experiences of reading with the blind students. Inspired by the sharing, students expressed their own opinions with high enthusiasm on reading literature and historical books. Those students deeply impressed librarians with their optimism. 

  Special characteristics determined that disabled students have specific needs of reading and different ways to read. Librarians encouraged students to read more, especially classic works, to establish their own reading system and for self-improving.  

    In the future, Jinan library will continuously provide services for special groups. 

  Jinan Library 

  September 22, 2017