Jinan Library is set up by the Jinan Municipal Government, which provides public welfare information services and is also a social education institution. It is open all year round. Everyone can have a library card without production cost. The Jinan Library provides the all round and open services for readers, which includes library document lending and delivery, information consultation, subject service, exhibitions and lectures, training and guidance, digital resources reading and so on, implementing the integrated service mode of the collecting, circulating and reading. 

  Jinan Library was established in 1953, which is located in Jing San Road NO.150 Huai Yin District, covering an area of ten thousand square meters. In October 2013, our new library was opened, which is located in Provincial Cultural Center Huai Yin District. The 4, 1000-square-metre new Jinan Library has 3000 seats for reading and a rich collection of 5 million 530 thousand volumes, including 3.5 million copies of Chinese books, ancient books, newspaper bound volumes and audiovisual literature, 8 million copies of outsourcing electronic literature and more than 14 volumes ancient books, over 1,000 kinds of more than 10,000 rare copies included. 

  Jinan Library has 60 self-built branches and mobile libraries, 8 self-service libraries. Jinan Library as the main hall, district, county library as the backbone, street, community library as a link, this pattern is committed to building an integrated library service network, to achieve co-construction and sharing of resources in the region. 

  Jinan Library was awarded the national civilized units, the national advanced collective in cultural system and the advanced unit of national reading. The “Book-Reading Spring City” civil reading festival held by the Jinan Library won the “Qunxing” award in the tenth Chinese Art Festival. “Lectures with the theme of how to be successful parents” and the “Car Mobile Library” were named features service brand of public library in Shandong Province. The Jinan Library as a new highland of culture and citizens’ public school is getting popular because of its advanced service means, a variety of services and scientific management methods.