Rules and Regulations


  1Readers can register with proof of identification and enter the open-stack reading area following the rules and regulations. 

  2Readers should be aware of their appearance, be dressed decently and be polite and civilized in the Library. 

  3the book should be returned to the original place after reading. 

  4Smoking is prohibited within the Library. Inflammable, explosive or toxic and dangerous items are not allowed in the Library. 

  5Please take care of your belongings, and leave bags or other articles irrelevant to borrowing or reading in the lockers. 

  6Please keep quiet in the Library. Mobile phones must be switched to the silent or vibrate mode 

  7Take good care of hygiene. Scribbling and littering are not permitted. 

  8Maintain a neat environment and do not sleep in the reading room. 

  9Please abide by the regulations of the Library and follow the instructions of the Library staff 

  10It is forbidden to eat in the reading and lending area. It is forbidden to spill the ground with water, tea and drink. 

  11Please abide by the related laws and regulations when you use the computers in Jinan Library. It is strictly forbidden to browse pornography, violent websites, and prohibit the use of the network and computer equipment to play online games. 

  12Children before eight years old please go to the children’s reading area accompanied with a guardian.  

  13The guardian should observe the public reading order within the Library, regulate and manage the conduct of the children under guardianship, to protect their physical and mental health and personal safety. 

  14Any other activities irrelevant to services provided by Jinan Library are prohibited in the Library. 

  15Pets are not allowed to enter the library. 

  16Take good care of the collection and all public property, damage shall be paid in accordance with the regulation. 

  17It is forbidden to touch, press or destroy the fire facilities. Any one who destroys the fire facilities will be sent to the public security department. 

  18Please obey the guidance of the staff in the event of an emergency.   

  19Please cooperate with the check if the export monitor alarm when you leave.