Library Card Guidelines


  一、Apply for a library card 

  1. Applicants 

  Both residents and non-residents of Jinan with valid credentials (ID card, residence card, passports, household register, driving license, etc.) can apply for library cards in Jinan library. Each reader can only apply for one card. 

  2. Application  Procedures 

  1Readers holding ID card could apply for a library card on self-service card issuing machine. 

  2Readers holding other valid credentials should apply for a library card at the General Information Desk on the 1st floor, and need to fill out the Jinan Library Card Application Form. 

  3Library cards cannot be applied and cancelled on the same day. 

  4Children’s application procedure refers to adults’. 

  3. Types of Library Card 







Valid Period 


general card 


Borrow a maximum of 3 items  

Price limited: RMB ¥200  

(including No.3 card’s functions) 


(register in each 2 years, free of charge) 


library card for family 


Borrow a maximum of 10 items (5 items of children’s books limited) 

Price limited:RMB600 

(including No.3 card’s functions) 


(same as above) 


Reading &Studying card 


No borrowing functions  

Reading and studying in reading rooms and self-studying rooms only 


(same as above) 


  二、Reporting loss and Replacement of a Library Card 

  1. If your card is lost or stolen, it is suggested to inform the library immediately via phone (TEL: 81279699) to avoid unnecessary loss. You can also visit to the library to report loss at the General Information Desk. 

  2. After reporting loss you can take your valid credentials to reapply a new card, and your reported card will be invalid.  

  3. All the borrowed materials should be returned before you replacing your card. 

  4. Replacement of a card costs RMB¥5.The first five times replacements are free of charge 


  三、Cancel a library card 

  1. You can take your library card with the deposit receipt and your valid credentials to the General Information Desk to cancel it. 

  2. If your card or deposit receipt is lost, please report loss first. 

  3. Make sure that your borrowed materials have all returned before your cancellation. 

  4. Your deposit will be refunded after the cancellation.