Reading and Lending Regulations


  一、    Lending Regulations 

  1A reader must use his/her Reader's Card with loan functions to borrow books. 

  2The personal card is allowed to borrow 3 books and the family card is allowed to borrow 10 books. Readers can keep the books for 60 days. 

  3Newspapers, reference books, local literature and feature literature are only allowed to read. 

  二、Renewal Regulations 

  1Each Chinese book is allowed to be renewed once only for 30 days after the day it is renewed.  

  2Readers should renew a book one day in advance. 

  3Readers can renew a book by telephone, Internet, self-help machine and information desk. 

     Official website: http// 

     Renew telephone: 81279688  81279699 

  4A reader cannot renew an overdue book or a book that is on hold for another person.  

  三、Reading Regulations 

  1To enter each reading room and loan stack room, the reading card or borrowing card will be verified by the card verification device located at the entrance of each room. 

  2To read open-stack books, readers are only allowed to take 1 book at a time. For open-stack newspapers and periodicals, readers are allowed to take only the items from the same category each time and take up to one year's issues. Please put the reading materials in the designated areas after reading and do not put them back to the shelves. 

  3Books and other reading materials in the reading rooms are not allowed to carry out without permission, or else it will be regarded as theft. 

  4To make photocopies of books and other reading materials, readers must fill in a photocopy request form and promise to abide by the copyright law, and process the request at the designated areas. Please return all books immediately after photocopying. 

  5All materials in the reading rooms are to be read inside only. 

  6Please keep quiet in the reading room. Mobile phones must be switched to the silent or vibrate mode. Take good care of hygiene. Scribbling and littering are not permitted. 

  7Once an item is borrowed and checked-out, the reader should check for any damage to it or any loose pages. He/she must inform the Library staff if it is damaged, and the Library staff must mark the item with a stamp. If a reader returns a damaged book without the staff's stamp on it, he/she will be fined according to relevant regulations. 

  四、Measures for Infringements of Library Regulations 

  1A reader is fined for any overdue reading material. The fine is as follows: 0.05RMB per book. Upper limit is 10RMB per card. 

  2If a reader loses any reading material belonging to the Library, he/she should inform the Library staff immediately and actively search for the item. He/she must replace the lost item with a new one of the same version (or a newer version if permitted), and pay a 3 RMB processing fee. If he/she can not find the same version, he/she must pay three times to ten times of the original price of the book. 

  3If any library item is concealed by a person without being checked-out, once discovered, it will be regarded as theft.  

  4If an item's pages that are ripped or cut-off, it is regarded as a lost item and will be compensated according to the lost item regulations