Finding the happiest people -- a lecture on public relations education


  Whether your child is experiencing growing confusion? Does your child have you not read trouble? On September 23rd (Saturday) 10:00 am, Jinan Children's Library “Colorful Spring Youth Forum” will invite well-known children writer Ziwei to talk about "writer’s childhood" and lead the children together looking for the happiest person on the sixth floor. 

   Famous children writer Ziwei, France University Master, graduated from Central Academy of Drama, studying at the French Franche-Comte University. Studying abroad makes her contact with foreign art and civilization, the collision of Chinese and Western cultures make her thoughtful, like to accept new things. She has published novels and plays in journals such as "Contemporary Fiction", and has won the Outstanding Works of the Eleventh Spiritual Civilization Project in Shandong Province. 

   Would you like to know the unique parenting concept of the France University Master? This week, writer Ziwei will take us into the bridge book "Elf under the Ficus", experiencing a fantastic beautiful adventure to witness the growth and reflection, looking for a happy source! What are the incredible adventures of the little children who have gone through the books? Did they find the happiest people? Who is the happiest person in the end? Let us and writer Ziwei experience adventure together! 

  Jinan Library 

September 19, 2017