Traffic guide


  Central Library in Provincial Cultural Center: 

  Address: the Crossing of East Lashanhe Road and Weihai Road 

  By Bus:  take 133, K133, K156 to Provincial Capital Culture and Art Center stop or take BRT1, K167 to Qingdao Road East Lashanhe Road stop, walk 1km south to the library 

By Self-Driving: Turn off the Beiyuan viaduct at its west exit, then drive to the crossing of East Lashahe Road and Weihai Road. (JNL is equipped with an underground parking lot.)


  Branch Library in Jingsan Road 

  Address: Jinan, Jingsan Road, No. 150 (20 meters west of Zhongshan Park) 

  By bus: take 9 ,13, 77, 101, K58, K59 to Jinan Hotel station, northwest corner in Zhongshan Park, or take 74 to Jingsanweiqi station, walk 300 meters east from the station, or take 1 to Jingerweiwu station, walk 200 meters south from the station.